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Kaizhong is designated as the “Innovative Enterprise of Guangdong Province”

2017.06.29 管理员

According to Evaluation Index System and Instructions for Innovative Enterprises of Guangdong Province and careful reviews of the Provincial Science and Technology  Bureau, the Development and Reform Commission,  Economic and Information Commission, the State Asset Regulatory Commission, the State Intellectual Property Office and the federation of trade unions, Kaizhong Precision Technology Co., Ltd is designated as the “Experimental Unit for Innovative Enterprise of Guangdong Province” because it has carried on the technological innovation positively for many years and achieved fruitful achievements of intellectual property rights.

The identification of innovative enterprises is based on the spirit of Opinions on Playing the Role of Scientific and Technological Support and Promoting the Steady and Rapid Economic Development of the State Council. It aims at strengthening the construction of innovative enterprises, strongly supporting enterprises to improve their independent innovation abilities and accelerating the implementation of the national technology innovation project.