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To Guizhou poverty region

2017.03.17 管理员

In November, 2011, Kaizhong Company started the activity “Son of Kaizhong, Caring Students” in Guizhou Huishui No. 4 Middle School to subsidize 50 junior high school girls with family difficulties so that they can complete their junior high school smoothly. After the starting of that activity, the company has sent representatives to Guizhou Huishui No. 4 Middle School for three times successively. The director Miss. Wu Ying of this activity led the team by herself. They sent living expenses, books, candies and articles against the cold to 50 girl students. At present, those 50 girl students are studying in the third year of junior middle school. If they can be admitted to the high school, our company will continue to help them.