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Kaizhong Precision and Toyota Tsusho reached a strategic cooperation

2020.10.31 管理员

Kaizhong Precision and Toyota Tsusho (China) Co., Ltd. signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement in October 2020. The two parties agree to carry out all-round strategic cooperation through the integration of advantageous resources in the e-mobility-related business field, jointly develop Japanese customers, and provide more new products to Japanese customers such as Toyota. These new products include drive motor connectors, electronic control components, battery busbar and more. Both parties will seize new business opportunities in the e-mobility business, expand market share, and achieve win-win development.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation was established in 1948. It is currently part of the Toyota Motor Group, and its headquarters are in Nagoya and Tokyo, with a capital of 64,936M JPY. Toyota Tsusho is a Fortune 500 company in the world and focuses on automobile-related businesses and conducts business transactions with customers around the world through a global network composed of more than 120 countries and more than 1,000 companies in Toyota group.

With the further implementation of the specific content of the follow-up agreement, our supporting service capabilities for Japanese new energy vehicle customers will be further improved, which will help us obtain more business opportunities, grasp the development direction of the industry and products, and further promote our motor, The development strategy of batteries and electronic control in the e-mobility field.